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Get colorful Vintage suzani designs

Vintage suzani is famous decorative item that can be used for various reasons to bring a bright look for the home or even office place. This is an embroidery work done on cotton grounded cloth with bright colors. These are hand made designs and are very beautifully made by skilful people who are well talented in this art of embroidery work on such types of clothes. There are various designs and patterns in the Vintage suzani that can be used as wall hangings or carpets or sofa covers and for many more reasons. These suzanis would add color and brightness to the place wherever they are placed as decoration. And these have to be dry-cleaned to make it last long without damages or wearing out.

Some of these varieties are the vintage, Uzbek, modern, hand embroidered, sukandarya and many more. People can get them done according to their choice and their design, to suit the place where they wish to place these items. The prices of these suzanis are not too high and can be affordable by people and decorate their house or their favorite place with these beautifully hand made designs. And there are different sizes in which they are made so as to fit to anyplace and any corner. One can even get this work customized to suit the place and have it fixed perfectly without any adjustments. There are various colors and designs, and people would have wide range of choice to pick.

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