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Contemporary Suzani

Suzani is Persian word which means needle and it mostly refers to the embroidered and decorative Bed covers, Fabric coverings, Hangings, generally measures as meter and half wide but it can also be much longer. Uzbekistan is the country, where this beautiful traditional Suzani started being made by the Uzbek women in their houses and it became famous all over the world as Uzbek Suzani.

How it was created

The Central Asia consisting of countries like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and others has always been a land of textiles. The lives of the nomads and settled peoples here have always been tough, and the scenario here is often miserable, but women have always used their free time to decorate every object they could such as saddlecloths, mirror cases, prayer rugs, cradle covers, bed covers, hangings, salt bags with embroidery works and weaving cloths. And thus their work of embroidery on cotton fabric base or silk sometimes which are stitched in a particular way of stitching such as Chain, Buttonhole and Satin which contained symbols of sun, moon, leaves and birds are called Suzani.

How it flourished all over the world

As when this people started marrying their daughter they began giving Suzanialong with the dowries to show their skill and their life to other communities.Suzani became one of the principal means of expression of their beautiful culture and tradition and thus it flourished to nearby countries. Also it reached the different parts of European countries through the Silk Road routes and thus at the end of soviet era it reached to western countries decorating their houses.

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